NBA 2K18 Again To The Top With Shaq

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Ever since its beginnings in 1999, the developers of Visual Concepts have been inspiring with their accurate implementations of American ball sports. And this time, no one is as close to real sport as NBA 2K18. The liquid animations, the AI ??of the players and a lot of finesses in the course of the game convey a deceptively real representation of basketball. The latest part of the success story is bursting with innumerable details, as well as being able to expand again in terms of content and playfulness.

Gameplay enhancements

The most striking change can be found in Career Mode. Because this time your player is not punished, but discovered on a streetball court. Now, the event is so close to a TV broadcast that fans of the sport are enchanted from the first minute. Unrivaled well again the well-established commentators of the series, which now even bring different stargues on board, in order to illuminate the play from a different perspective. Rejoice in legends like Shaquille O'Neal or Kobe Bryant, who give their expertise to the best and regularly fire the one or the other gag. In addition, fast-paced cut-outs before and after the match as well as a detailed pre-show analysis ensure a pleasant mid-range feeling. Not to mention all the exciting expert interviews that round off the event.

However, a lot has also been done, which is not least due to the new animation system from NBA 2K18. Because that contributes less to the look than to the gameplay of the spectacle. After all, the individual animations of the players are now more subtly and more elaborate. In practice this means that much more control can now be exercised during the course of the movement, and individual moves are no longer as automated as before. The reward is a quicker and quicker gameplay, which makes you deep into the match. An intuitive control that makes open spaces easier to use and double moves go faster. In addition, you are now under the basket agile to get important rebounds for your team.

While fast breaks have tended to create frustration in the past, they now provide a more satisfying playing experience. Forget the annoying running duels, which were almost always lost. On the other hand, the opponents are no longer so often reaching great distances. And once you've made the breakthrough, you're barely able to stop. And here again, the improved animation sequence plays an important role because it can be more accurate in the process. A small, fine improvement, but it adds a lot to the excellent feeling on the pitch. The shot display seems to work similar to the predecessor. But after a short time, you will find that you actually pocketed more balls in the basket than before. Provided that your timing fits. In any case, the new system provides better feedback, which has gone well with your previous experiment and what needs to be improved. In addition, you will receive information about the defense performance of your opponent.

The whole world of basketball

This year the developers gave their own MyGM Managermodus its own history with numerous choice possibilities. And although it has been presented quite reduced, and has scarcely been set up, it exudes a peculiar charm. At the same time, the simpler system hides some of the following decisions regarding the team. This gives you a sense of how it might be to coach a team - with all the uncertainties and doubts, but also the euphoria and optimism that accompany this work. And he's certainly one of the most challenging sporting game modes ever.

You will also find new accents and numerous tasks in the new variant Run the Neighborhood. An open-world hub where you meet missions, minigames, or just visit a few stores. It is a nice three-piece that integrates seamlessly into the grand overall package. For the future, there is certainly still a lot of potential inside.

Thus the current part of the franchise once again secured the top place in the genre. After all, the title is by far the most compelling ball game simulation ever. A reference game that is both technically and playfully unrivaled, and with lots of content and sensible improvements also veterans to buy.

Never before has basketball been such an experience, which can also convince audiovisual on the whole line. Apart from a breathtakingly beautiful look, it is not least the authentic soundscapes, which contribute a lot to the incredibly great atmosphere on the square. If you are only a little burned for basketball, the NBA 2K18 does not come by.

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