Returning player questions in MapleStory

Published by: TamamShamoon on 22nd Jan 2016 | View all blogs by TamamShamoon

Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I recently got back to playing Maple Story after a very long time. Last time I play the game is when I was like 10 years old, now I am 18 so yes it has been sometime. But I really love my time right now with the Reboot Server. I have a couple of questions though if you guys do not mind helping me out with answering them.


I recently just bought the NX Kinesis Package for perm NX items. I bought it on my main, a lvl 154 Hayato. Can I transfer the perm items for my other characters to wear? I only put the perm NX Kinesis Hair into my inventory to wear it with my MS Mesos. The rest of the items are still in the Cash Shop. How can I transfer them to another character so he can wear it? 


I noticed that when I level I usually level up like 2 or 3 level at a time. Ever Since I got to level 152 it stopped. I do not level up 2 or 3 level at a time no more. Is it suppose to be like that?


How does Royal Hair/Face Coupon work? Do they alternate styles every so often or what? I really wanted to get the Kinesis Male face called "Beautiful Face" and it was only available for Christmas Royal Face Coupon which I unfortunately miss out on. Will it ever come back? I also like the "Calm Face" from the Shade Class, is there a way to get that face for other characters as well? 



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